​​Juan Castanos

A     r     c     h     i     t     e     c     t

Juan Castanos

Charity Work


 Juan Castanos President of  Amphibious Foundation C.A. a none-profit organizations  along with a multidisciplinary team Working to improve the quality of life for the inhabitants in need specially for those that have experienced floods in their communities.

 Juan Castanos

International Lectures


Architecture Congress at the Autonomous University in Barranquilla Colombia. With the Main topic about Floods. Globally, about one-third of all reported events and a third of the economic damage from natural disasters are attributable to the effects of floods.

Jacque Fresco & Juan Castanos

The encounter


Working for a better planet Jacque Fresco Industrial Designer futurist and social engineer inventor and pioneer in human factors author of the Venus Project. in this photo with Juan Castanos author of the Tabasco Amphibious project. developing projects to adapt to climate change and architecture for humanity.

Elizabeth Plater & Juan Castanos

American Institute of Architecture


Architect Elizabeth Plater Zyberk and Architect Juan Castanos at the seminar of Urbanism "Designing for the Future"  Architect Elizabeth Plater is the Dean of the School of Architecture at University of Miami. Event Hostess by the American Institute of Architecture Orlando Florida, Univesty of Miami and University of Central Florida.

Mr. Juan Castanos (R.I.P.) 

In Memory


A great man left to go into the Kingdom of Heaven to be eternally happy and in peace with God. Civil Engineer and Master in Hydraulics Mr. Juan Castanos. Dad I am going to miss you and keep you forever in my heart. Rest in Peace 1941-2012

Activities /  Actividades

Bob Koch & Juan Castanos

Reviewing Strategies


Architect Robert Koch. with over 45 years experience in the field on Architecture. Member of the American Institute of Architecture AIA and Managing Member | President of the prestigious Architectural firm Fugleberg Koch and Architect Juan Castanos reviewing strategies in how to invest in the United States especially for the existing opportunities available for Latin America.

Latest Articles

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The interview with Juan Castanos in Architizer

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Diamond Village our designs have been release May-2014 with a great success and great acceptance from the public.


The Diamond Village is a Sustainable Amphibious Project  and a concept to adapt from flooding. Today floods cause billions of dollars in damage and loss of human lives around the world. Architect Juan Castanos is proposing to build self - Sustaining Amphibious Cities, that will host and help humanity in a world where floods are recurrent globally and is a concept to adapt from flooding.

Hear our keynote about the bright future of sustainable building 


We love the opportunity to get people thinking about architecture as an integral part of the human experience. 

Design Ideas

ideas de diseño

Every space is different. Every structure has its unique reason for existing.
We might produce a thousand ideas before arriving at the perfect one for a project or client. It's a necessary part of the creative architectural process and one that we take seriously. Here's how we do it:

  • Start with a project mission statement
  • Create a mind map using key words and phrases in the mission statement
  • Use the mind map to arrive at the 3-5 top project objectives
  • Use the top 3-5 project objectives to brainstorm project goals in a non-judgmental environment
  • Put project objectives and goal aside for 2-4 weeks to let them marinate
  • Rigorously review goals and objectives to assign a priority ranking
  • Create project plan based on goals and objectives that includes milestones and contingencies

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